Happiest I have ever been – CrossFit Lake Mary

Happiest I have ever been


Happiest I have ever been

Four months ago I began a new “healthy” journey in life.  This was motivated by a Facebook post I responded to from Cross Fit Lake Mary.  The ad was for 24 motivated individuals that would commit to a 6-week challenge. I met with Jennifer Sheppard and the challenge began.  Here is how it began:

 –          Squat, what??? No way, I couldn’t get down, let alone get back up

o   Jenn: “Here scale it by using this Box – sit on it and come back up”

 –          Lunge, OMG – I fell over- literally, IN FRONT OF The ENTIRE class on my first lunge
 –          Burpee’s, really? I could do 2, and they were not even close to rx
 –          Running – NO WAY, I hate running, I could only make it out the door, not even to the first car in the parking lot before I was out of breath and wanting to quit.
 –          Weights?  Give me a PVC pipe, I’ll do my best
 What did I do well?  I committed to the Paleo way of eating and I committed to showing up to the “BOX” three times a week.  Everyone at the “BOX” was amazing, so supportive, never critical and never judging. For the first time in my life I found a place that I WANTED to go to for fitness.  The culture at Cross Fit Lake Mary is unbelievable –   the main goal is to be better than YOU were yesterday. Well here is where that has gotten me in the last four months, now I can:

–          Squat >150 times in an hour session, without scaling

 –          Lunge while holding 25#’s on a barbell, over my head
 –          Do upwards of 40-50, almost perfect, Burpee’s
 –          Run/Walk 3 miles in 30 minutes
 –          Weights – slowly increasing, but rarely using PVC pipe, sometimes still on a technique bar, but often using a 35# bar with 20 – 40# plates

I have lost 35#’s and too many inches to count.  I have gone from a size 16 to a 8. I feel great, I am the happiest I have ever been.  For the first time in my life I have balance – Family, Self and Work – in that order.

 I cannot thank all of the people that have helped me get here enough  – Jennifer Sheppard, Greg Sheppard, Hayley Wilson, Jay Rosado and so many others.  The members of the BOX that are so committed, so advanced and yet so humble and welcoming. THANK YOU EVERYONE ! I can’t wait to get my name on the 3 year wall.