*Announcements and Reminders* – CrossFit Lake Mary

*Announcements and Reminders*


*Announcements and Reminders*

This Friday 8/30/13 get your Run on!!!!  Coach Joan in the HOUSE ALL DAY giving all you CFLM peeps the class of your dreams!! Joan will be doing running drills, helping you with your form/technique, giving you tips, and much more!!  Please make plans to come to this class if you want to improve your running skills and WOD times!  *PLEASE BRING A JUMP ROPE TO CLASS*


We are Closed Monday  9/2/13 for Labor Day!!!


Sunday 9/15/13 Open Gym Starts!!  This class will be closed occasionally, so pay attention to the website as it will be posted Saturday if the class is open or not.  Open Gym is an opportunity for you to do the following:

  • A Missed WOD from the week
  • Skill, Technique or Strength Work (please do not do anything such as attempting a 1 Rep Max without Coaches’ Approval or spotters)
  • Your own WOD


Monday 9/16/13 LuRong Paleo Challenge STARTS!!!!  If you have not registered yet, please do!!  We have 40 people so far and we would like to see 50+ on this challenge!  What a better time to try this with all the support from the community, it should be easy!! Plus, taking part in the 8 week Challenge will not only give you the tips and resources to change your lifestyle, but it also gives your body a much needed ‘reset’ from all the processed foods, artificial ingredients, sugar, and junk that are staples of the modern American diet.  What do you have to lose??


Also Monday 9/16/13 Coach Sara Campbell in the HOUSE!!!  OLY Class ALL DAY!!  This is an excellent opportunity to see what the OLY Class is all about, and a GREAT chance to work on your Clean & Jerk form and technique!!  There will not be OLY classes at 4 & 8 this day.



We have MUCH more in store for our CFLM Family this fall, so stay tuned and keep up the GREAT WORK!!!