Bootcamp 5/13/16 – CrossFit Lake Mary
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Bootcamp 5/13/16


Bootcamp 5/13/16

CrossFit Lake Mary – Bootcamp

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5:00 of dynamic stretching then

demo movements for tabata


Tabata is :20 on :10 off

4 Rounds

Mtn. Climber

Plank Hold

(4 minutes total)

right into

4 Rounds


flutter kick

(another 4:00)

Skill Work

KB Swing

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

WOD: Interval Work

4x 30/30 at each station.

Perform 30 seconds work

followed by 30 seconds rest at

each movement. Complete all 4

sets before advancing to the

next movement.

A. Rowing

B. Air Squat

C. KB Swing

D. Sit Ups

E. Push-up

F. Ring Row

24 minutes total time