CFLM Internship Program – CrossFit Lake Mary

CFLM Internship Program


CFLM Internship Program

We have now started an Internship Program at CFLM!

This program was started to not only improve the overall demeaner at the box, but also give those people who have interest in coaching an opportunity to get started. This program was started last week and we have 3 current interns. Let’s welcome Thomas Woodard, Steve Bardwell, and Lauren Helton.

This 3 interns will be spending time with your current coaches shadowing, co-coaching, and helping you guys out with anything you may need around the box. We would like to welcome them as coaches, so feel free to ask them questions and get suggestions regarding ways to improve yourself and also how they got involved in the internship program.

Currently, we are in a trial period, and have capped the amount of interns at 3. Once these 3 progress past the intern process, we will be accepting more applications in about 6 months. If you do have interest in this program, get with myself or Coach Greg and we can let you know what steps you can be taking now to help get yourself set up to be selected for the intern program.

Remember: this is for people seriously looking to coach, not just help out.

Let’s welcome our new interns!


Thomas and Steve