Change comes in all different forms! – CrossFit Lake Mary

Change comes in all different forms!


Change comes in all different forms!

“I guess my story would be that you can still change your body even without doing seven days a week or two a days. full time worker. I was doing three days a week up until this summer. Even three days per week can change your body so much”

“I don’t know if 6lbs is much to brag about. I’m so happy I’ve turned my fat into muscle. Plus, I can’t even begin to explain what crossfit has done for me mentally. Honestly, I would probably never be able to come out publicly with how it’s changed me mentally.  I am such a better person now and the people closest to me have pointed it out. If I could go to CrossFit seven days a week, I would be there. It’s not as easy with the children but I am so happy for the changes I’ve made since starting at Cflm”