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My story of finding CrossFit,

It starts like many others. Sitting at the local bar where “everyone knows your name” and realizing that alcoholism runs in my family. With my father and older brother both being recovering alcoholics, I was thinking to myself that I was close to becoming just like that. I knew I had to change the way I was living and the road that I was headed down. So, I took up running and started spending time each night training for my first half marathon and larger mud run. After completing the half, next was the 7 mile mud run (which I did with cousins that do CrossFit). I could not believe what I saw, my cousins were ready to take off running again after ever obstacle, as I was still trying get oxygen back in my lungs. I was completely out of breath and winded after every obstacle. That is when I knew there had to be something to this “CrossFit” thing.

I, like some people, had a membership to a large, corporately-owned gym. I went to this gym and tried to do what I saw other people doing…was I using the equipment correctly? I have no idea! Were the people I was watching using the equipment correctly? The personal trainers would walk by…good luck getting their help! So I contacted CrossFit Lake Mary and spoke with Jen. She was awesome in answering my never-ending questions. Then, the fun really began, day 1 foundations with coach Paul. I knew from day 1 that this is the place for me to grow and develop in the way that I couldn’t find at a normal gym and most importantly, that I couldn’t do on my own! I thought I was in good shape and that all the calisthenic movements would be easy for me. Yeah I was wrong. And by day 3 foundations I was given some of the best words of wisdom by coach Kellie Huston, she told the group, “leave our egos at the door”. I knew that she was talking to me and I needed to hear that! Ever time I think, I should be able to lift this and I let my form suffer because I want to score high in Wodify, I hear coach Kellie and remember that this is the training part and that I need to keep my ego in check. It wasn’t until what she said sank in that I really started to focus on form and technique and began to see the “gains” that I’ve been waiting to see. I try and remember that I’m not racing or competing against the people around me; I’m competing against myself and the last time I did this workout. And if I have never done a this workout or movement, then the first time is not a race, it’s a starting point or a reference point. I love the team spirit and the push that everyone gives each other at CFLM, high fives all around, “great job today” can be heard all around you.

It’s unlike any gym I’ve ever been apart of. All of the coaches genuinely care and take time to answer questions. Whether it’s nutritional or workout related, the coaches have been able to give me useful information that I feel is helping me preform better durning the WOD’s. Taking the coaches advise to work on mobility and weaknesses, even some one-on-one training, I feel is starting to make a difference as well. I can not thank the coaches enough for their words of wisdom and their stopping me when I want to overlook my limits.

I love how far I’ve come in only 7 months and look forward to what the next 7 seven months and beyond has in store for me. I know I have a long way to go. I just never want to forget where I started!

Love you guys

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Steve taking Second place at his FIRST Competition!

Steve taking Second place at his FIRST Competition!