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Consistency is Key!


Consistency is Key!

So this is a little over 8 months of work…I know right now you’re going…8 months?  Yes you heard me right!  8 months.  Emma had started with us in September of 2015 and just recently moving here, still had a crazy life.  She also had a crazy work and travel schedule.  We had told her if she wanted true results she was looking for we needed her to commit to us.  We recently held a 30 day Paleo Challenge which she decided to enter.  I must say she was “in it to win it”!  She committed herself to the program, coming twice a day sometimes!!  She has lost over 10# and I must say, she lost the excuses too!!  We are so proud of her and look forward to seeing her hit her goals at CFLM!

Way to go Emma!