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Don’t just jump into CrossFit……


Don’t just jump into CrossFit……

Why You Need Foundations First!!


Here are a few topics as to what to expect from your coach, community, why the foundations course is so important, and how the course will generally be laid out. Then we can, hopefully, put to rest a lot of myths about the social media-based “dangers” of CrossFit.

Your Coach

Our coaches at CrossFit Lake Mary are individuals who enjoy taking life to the next level, they are very friendly, and has the client/member’s personal well-being at heart. These are just a few attributes that a new individual starting CrossFit will experience when signing up to become at CrossFit Lake Mary. Your coaches have a list of priorities that they live by, but here are a few very important ones:
1) Client/member safety
2) Instilling proper and appropriate technique on ALL lifts
3) Willing to scale any and all movements appropriate to each skill level
4) Friendly and uplifting personality
When you walk into CrossFit Lake Mary, be rest assured that you will experience this type of person when beginning your CrossFit journey. The most important thing to our coaches is that you’re safe and remain injury-free. Our coaching team are extremely open-minded and are always uplifting. It’s highly recommended to keep an open line of communication with them at all times, so to 100% ensure your safety.

CrossFit Lake Mary Community

The CrossFit Lake Mary Community is a thing of beauty. Once your introduced to it by your coach, the manner in which you exercise will never be the same. Our community is remarkably friendly, encouraging, and uplifting (just to name a few attributes). It doesn’t matter the skill level, each and every individual is treated the same. There’s no discrepancy (or there shouldn’t be) between the fittest athlete and the least-fit athlete. They are a magnificent group that wants you to succeed and achieve all of your goals that you have written out.

Importance of The Foundations Course

These beginner courses (often referred to as Foundations, CrossFit 101, OnRamp, etc.) are quintessential to individuals who are seeking out CrossFit so to change their current workout/lifestyle routine. These courses are made to ensure the following (this is not a complete list):
1) Proper mechanics
2) Debug CrossFit myths
3) Define CrossFit
4) Guide you through the workouts
5) How the body is going to be trained so not to specialize
As you may have noticed before signing up with CrossFit Lake Mary, there are a lot of complex movements that require appropriate technique and a lot of coordination. This course forces and walks you through the mechanics with nothing more than a 8′-9′ PVC Pipe, 15# barbell, 35# barbell, or 45# barbell. By the end of the course, your learning does not stop, however you will have gained the appropriate knowledge and laid down the correct movement patterns so to “graduate” to the general classes. By fully grasping what is laid out for you in this course, your CrossFit journey will continue to be filled with fun and learning.