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End of School


End of School

Does the end of School mean the end of your consistency and hard work?

Just because school is almost out, don’t let your clean eating and fitness goals go out the window too!!

I was talking to a member at our facility during a “goals” meeting we had and HE told me the summer is the hardest time for him to stay on track with his workouts & nutrition.
So… This got me thinking….and you know what?  He’s not alone!

WOW!  I’m the same way!
The kids are home & you find yourself buying those goldfish and Oreos at the market??  Making that PB&J cauz, well…the kids are having it!?

What the HECK?
Does this happen to you?

Then I started looking at my attendance at the gym and wouldn’t you know?  It was horrible!  I was all over the place!  One week 3 days, the next were on vacation, the next I got 3 days again & then couldn’t make it cauz my kid has some summer camp that plays into my workout time!
So…what to do?

Stay tuned for some helpful summer tips to keep you on track!