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Fit for anything!


Fit for anything!

Great story from one of our members!

While I was on vacation this summer it struck me, why I love Crossfit.  Of course I love the community of Crossfit, the support and the family feel of the box.  So many testimonials that I have read go into great length to describe how hitting a new PR on a 1RM is the greatest feeling, or how competing makes them feel more confident, while I do not doubt this to be true for many , this is not what keeps me coming back for more.

What I love is how Crossfit has made me fit and ready for anything I want to do outside of the box.  We spend the majority of our vacation time boating and fishing in the Keys.  During the week I have pulled the boat off the trailer with ropes and held it in place until the truck and trailer are parked, grabbed the dock too many times to count to get us moored and then stepping up onto the dock, at various heights to catch the other rope and pull the boat up to the dock.  At minimum dropping and pulling up the trolling motor and at most tossing the anchor and then pulling it back in while balancing on the bow of the boat and fighting the waves and current.  Then there were the paddle boards, which were really flat kayaks that weighted at least 60lbs.  Dropping them off the dock into the water 4 feet below was not big deal, but dragging 12’ and 60# paddle board up onto the dock from 4 feet below was a challenge.  And maybe the best of all is that at 40+ with two teenage daughters I feel confident enough to do all of the above in a bikini.

I am not sure if I could have done this all before I started Crossfit or not, because truthfully I am not sure that I would have tired.  I used to be the mom who sat by the pool reading a book, but now I am confident in my strength enough to jump in there and do things with my family.  That I why I love Crossfit.