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Get out of here!!!


Get out of here!!!

Want to give a HUGE shout out to Miguel Cordova!  He has lost over 20# since December of 2016 by just getting to class and staying consistant.  We are very proud!!  Keep up the great work!

So my journey with fitness was tough last year. Proposing, getting married, and ending the year debt free. All goals I wanted to accomplish last year. So I had to take a very long break from crossfit. In December I got the heaviest I have ever been…. Weighing in at 178 enough was enough. So I got back in the gym and started working hard eating right and well…… I now weigh 155 and I feel awesome.

To all those that make excuses to get fit. Get the heck out of here. We all spend enough time on social media, surfing the web, playing video games, and just being lazy. If me, one hardcore gamer and geek, can work hard and get fit. You can too. Start now because a year from now, you’ll wish you started now.

Big shout out to my crossfit family, @ Crossfit Lake Mary! Love you all!