Are you giving 100% every workout? – CrossFit Lake Mary

Are you giving 100% every workout?


Are you giving 100% every workout?

So often times we don’t think of the mental side of CrossFit.  When you walk into the box are you mentally prepared?


Do you find yourself just going through the motions?  Do you whine and complain during your workout?  If so let us help you prepare you a little bit more by following these simple steps…

#1 Set a goal, you HAVE to have drive!  Your coach cannot make you come to class.  You have to take ownership and make it a priority in your life.

#2 Don’t look at the workout.  If you do and you see it has a movment you are not good at change your mindset to…oh, good I need to work on that rather than, UGH NO I HATE RUNNING!!

#3 Walk in with a sense of power and confidence or a “can do” attitude.  Everyone else knows it’s going to be hard they don’t need to hear you say “oh man this will suck.”  Help create a positive environment by high-fiving your peers or shouting out “let’s GO!!”

#4 Listen to your coaches and ask questions so you really understand what the stimulus is of the workout so you can set up/modify appropriately.

#5 Give it everything and forget everything else….don’t look at the person next to you, don’t worry about the clock, don’t think about what you have to do after you leave, just FOCUS on what you are supposed to be doing and do it to the best of your ability.  Don’t take mediocre, take I really couldn’t have pushed any harder!! Leave it all on the floor EVERY DAY!


#6 Don’t compare your results to others, compare where YOU were 3 months ago compared to today!


If you give these things a try you should enjoy your hour working out MUCH more and maybe even help someone else feel more positive & happy!  Energy is contagious!