Go Ruck Tomorrow!!!! – CrossFit Lake Mary

Go Ruck Tomorrow!!!!


Go Ruck Tomorrow!!!!

Listen up!  If you are doing Go Ruck Tomorrow, please make sure you are Registered here https://www.goruck.com/Events/Details?id=915 click on the Green Sign Up Button.  If you are not registered you WILL NOT be able to join us!!  Make sure and wear your CFLM Shirts!!!


Here is the Starting time and place

Start Point: Walt Disney Amphitheater

Address: 195 N Rosalind Avenue, near Lake Eola, Orlando, FL

Time: Saturday, June 8, 2013 07:00 AM

Make sure you have the following:

• A ruck or backpack – any brand, though we think GORUCK is the best for this, and for
everything else too. When you register, you may order GORUCK gear for 20% off.
However, that’s not your only chance. If you decide later, after registering, that you
want to order GORUCK gear, simply email us and we’ll get you set up.
• Bricks – two if you are under 150 pounds, four if you’re over. Life isn’t fair. Each brick
should weight 4-6 pounds. Wrap your bricks in tape to protect your gear. Label your bricks (each package if wrapped separately) with your full name and phone via duct tape and permanent marker. Bricks will be
inspected by the Cadre at the start point. Click here to see how to wrap https://www.goruck.com/Gear/Details/industrial-grade-cloth-duct-tape#blog_post1
• Hydration system – mandatory. We strongly recommend a hydration bladder with
minimum 3 Liters capacity. We recommend Source’s hydration bladder.
• Gloves to protect your hands. We recommend Mechanix gloves.
• Anything else you need to stay warm and dry. We also recommend snacks, chapstick,
and, if it’s sunny, sunblock. Use your judgment.
• One form of identification and $20 for a cab, just in case