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The “Grab and Go” Snack


The “Grab and Go” Snack

To all my Paleo lifestyle Crossfitters:

Do you find yourself hungry in between meals? Do you find yourself hungry while driving in the car on a busy day? Or is it ever hard to find a snack that will give you the proper nutrients you need for your body? I’ve found with a busy day and constantly being in the car that a “grab and go” snack is always the best. Here are 3 easy snacks that will help get you through your day:

1. Hard boiled eggs. Most people just tend to eat these in the morning. But the egg is simple and gives you a quick boost of protein!

2. Slices of deli meat. Ham, turkey and roast beef can easily be placed in a zip lock baggie and put in a small cooler for your on the go purposes!

3.  Almonds or cashews.  These are simple to place in a small baggie and be able to pick from while you’re experiencing your busy day!

– Kristie Bigg

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