Holiday weight gain….5 ways to avoid it! – CrossFit Lake Mary

Holiday weight gain….5 ways to avoid it!


Holiday weight gain….5 ways to avoid it!

Do you find yourself saying these things….

  • “I’ll just wait til January 1st.”
  • “Why bother starting now? xxx holiday is next week!”
  • “Who cares! It’s a party!”


#1 Enjoy in moderation.  Don’t arrive hungry to a party and get right back on track! Wear something formfitting.  The idea behind this is that if you’re wearing something tight that makes you feel good about yourself, you are more mindful about overindulging and stuffing yourself silly.  Just because you had 1 bad meal or a few drinks doesn’t mean you throw in the towel for the rest of the day/night….and the next day!!

#2 Stay consistent in the gym NO MATTER WHAT!  NO EXCUSES!!  Make it up somehow, somewhere!!  Make a schedule of when your going to go to the gym through the holiday’s.  Stress plays a BIG part in holiday weight gain!  Getting to the gym and letting out some of that tension will help you avoid binge eating because of stress!  Make it a priority.

#3 Share your goals with family, friends, co-workers.  Making yourself accountable to others will maybe attract someone else with the same goal who will help you!

#4 Get those ZZZZZ’s!  Those who do not sleep enough tend to be hungrier, consume more calories and get less physical activity.  The reason behind this is that sleep restriction may increase your hunger hormone levels, ultimately leading to higher calorie intake.

#5 Stick to it and have a long term goal in mind!  Believe in yourself!  A little positive self talk goes a long way.  Post your goal on your fridge or in your bathroom.  Think of the head start your giving yourself before the summer!!


Good Luck!