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How to Join


It is paramount to your long term success that you learn and practice the fundamentals of what we do BEFORE adding weight and moving quickly. This will ensure your safety and keep you making long term progress. Many gyms unfortunately overlook this critical aspect of training and throw you in a class to fend for yourself. It is our goal to give you the highest quality start to your fitness journey as possible.

During your free consultation, one of our world-class coaches will sit down with you and get to know you as a person, what your goals are and what difference we can make it your life. We will also teach you about our methodologies and beliefs assess your flexibility, movement patterns and current fitness level. This will help us determine the amount of help you will need before graduating to our group classes.

*Free Consults are for people new to CrossFit that reside in Seminole (Lake Mary, Heathrow, Sanford, Longwood, Altamonte), Lake (Sorrento, Eustis) and Orange county(Orlando, Winter Park).

Our Foundations program is an one-on-one informational and instructional course designed for anyone new to CrossFit or strength training. We’ll guide you through the basic movements, get you familiarized with proper mechanics and technique and get your body primed to join our group classes. You’ll work with your very own Coach For Life to set goals, talk nutrition, and work together to prepare you to move on to the next step of your fitness path at CFLM. Foundations are designed to ensure your success — there’s no set schedule or timeline. We will cover topics and exercises as you need until you and your Coach For Life have determined together that you’re ready for the next phase. That can be as short or long a time as you need in our Foundations program. After you’ve completed Foundations to your satisfaction (and your Coach’s) you won’t have to worry about being left in a lurch to find your own way. Your Coach For Life will be with you to be your sounding board, cheerleader, and guide as long as you’re with CrossFit Lake Mary.
Once you have completed our Foundations Course, you are now ready to start in the group WOD’s! Upon completion of the School of Fitness/Foundations, you will be eligible to graduate and join our group classes and fully enjoy being a part of the community! However, you are not on your own! Your Coach for Life from the School of Fitness/Foundations will continue to develop of personal bond with you and guide you through your entire life here at Crossfit Lake Mary.