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How to keep level all day


How to keep level all day

In my last blog, I told you how I was constantly spiking my insulin/sugar levels and crashing.  I am going to give you a “sample” day so you can see how you can prevent this from happening to you!

6:00am wake up

7:00am coffee (if you need)

8:00am eat!!  (keep in mind we want to always have a fat, carb and protein with every meal) this does NOT mean JUST a banana!  instead, maybe some scrambled eggs with spinach and tomato done in a pan with a little olive oil to cook it.  Just the banana will spike your sugar, so you need something to balance it out.

10:00am eat a snack (protein, carb and fat) an example would be a few almonds, a few berries, and maybe a little turkey

12:00pm eat lunch

2:00pm light snack if you need (protein and carb preferably)

5:00pm eat dinner

here is the trick…..if you’re falling asleep in your chair after dinner, DO NOT reach for the sweets!  GO TO BED!  Your body is trying to keep you awake by spiking your sugar again for energy!  After a few nights of going to bed at 7,8,9pm and eating more balanced more regularly, this WILL  NOT HAPPEN ANYMORE!

Check it out and journal for a couple days…see where your body is tricking you!!  If you’re having trouble finding time to eat, try supplementing with a protein shake (low sugar), or protein bar.  Try to plan ahead as much as possible for these emergencies where you CAN’T go grab something good.  Use a meal delivery company if it makes it easier to have ready to go meals in your fridge.  There are LOTS of options out there now.

Not sure what a Protein, Fat and Carb is?  Check out this simple guide, you can make your meals as creative as you want or super simple!