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Kim’s story


Kim’s story

Kim has such a unique and inspiring story we had to share!  CrossFit is not just about working out and losing weight, but finding fitness to change your life and that’s exactly what Kim discovered!

“Let me tell you why I personally do Crossfit.  Yes, I know first rule of CF is never stop talking about it but seriously if I can have a minute to confess some things i’ve been feeling for a while. 

Many of you know that when I was 19 months old, I had a traumatic drowning incident in which I died and once resuscitated fell into a 3 day coma. The doctors didn’t think i’d live or if I did would only be a vegetable child. When I pulled through, the doctors warned my parents that I would have difficulties in motor skills and coordination. Although thankfully my drowning didn’t affect my intellect or anything very serious, these little difficulties were tough on my personality and self esteem. It feels like i’ve struggled my whole life to be “OK” at what came naturally to what seemed like everyone else. My little sister taught me how to snap, my parents had to teach me how to skip etc. I would get things eventually but It was at a slower pace. This clumsy, awkwardness combined with a lot of early childhood asthma issues in which I had to sit PE class out most times and well, I pretty much felt like I couldn’t do anything athletic or right.

This fear of not being good enough for sports effected me mentally. Im the kind of person that wants to do/try it all and wants to get it right the first time. I am extremely hard on myself and strive to excel in all things I set out to do. It was so frustrating to have the heart of an athlete longing to be great at something physical but to let my fear of letting other’s down keep me from trying anything more than swim team and group classes at the gym.

What can I say about Crossfit? It has changed how I view everything in my life.

I started in May of this year at CrossFit Lake Mary and it has been an emotional journey.  When you are told to do a pull-up the first day and you can’t even hold onto the bar thinking you’ll never be able to hoist yourself up like the big beefy guys in class but then a month later you are not only holding onto the bar but doing assisted pull-ups! That does something to you. When you are lifting huge weights overhead as a small 5’1 woman, it empowers you. Suddenly those things that seemed impossible ARE possible if you want it and work hard enough. Also you have the most amazing people cheering you on as well as coaches that want to make you better. Crossfit is even more brutal mentally than it could ever be physically. It makes you vulnerable and forces you to confront that which you are afraid of…your limitations. You can choose to run from this or you can fight, if you fight, it will change you into something unstoppable. That is why people can’t stop talking about Crossfit, not because its a fad but because its therapy mind, body and soul. It changes people.

If anything it has taught me to believe in myself, just because I can’t do it today, doesnt mean I wont do it someday.  Thank you”