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Make those GAINZ!!


Make those GAINZ!!

3 tips to putting on lean muscle….

First of all to gain weight you need to eat more than what your body needs.

As long as you’re over eating with good whole foods such as meat and vegetables, the weight you will gain will most likely be lean muscle. That’s of course as long as you are also getting in your metabolic conditioning. “Dirty bulking”, which is just eating everything in sight, is not recommended. This will most likely lead to fat gain. Also keep a good balance of protein, fat, and carbs when you increase your calorie consumption.

Second, you have to make sure you are working as many muscle fibers during exercise as you can.

Compound lifts like squat and deadlift will do exactly that.

On the downward phase of each lift, take about 3-4 seconds to lower the weight. This will put longer tension on your slow-twitch muscle fibers.

On the upward phase, explode and raise the weight as fast as you can in a controlled manner.  This will put more stress on the fast-twich muscle fibers.  Working both muscle fibers will result in greater muscle growth.

The third tip is doing exercises that will have a larger affect on your hormones, mainly growth hormone.  Explosive compound movements such as clean & jerk, and snatch will do exactly that. Olympic lifts have the greatest affect when it comes to your hormones.