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Maybe Next Year?


Maybe Next Year?

Remember last year when you said “next year”?? Guess what, it’s next year. The 2015 Crossfit Open is upon us once again. Have you registered? Don’t let another year go by, sign up, be a part of it!! It will test you. It will force you to focus on goals. It will make you stronger, mentally and physically. It will make your box better and bring you closer as a community. And guess what….It will be fun!

Being a part of the open gives a whole new meaning to “What Day is it???” For five weeks, Wednesdays, a/k/a “Open Workout Announcement Day”, will become your new favorite day of the week. The anticipation, excitement, guessing games. Will Dave Castro repeat the dreaded 7 minutes of burpees; will there be thrusters; heavy deadlifts; double unders? We will wait anxiously at the box for the 8pm live show and watch in adoration as our favorite athletes go head to head. We will agonize together, strategize and then tackle the workout as a community, cheer each other on, hit PR’s, and do things we never thought possible.


I will never forget coming in on a Saturday morning just 2 weeks after starting Crossfit, and watching one of my coaches do 12.1 (7 minutes of Burpees) while other athletes stood by cheering and screaming and pushing him through. It was awesome and I couldn’t wait to be a part of it! I registered for The Open in 2013 along with a dozen other athletes at the box. I knew there were many skills I still couldn’t do and each workout challenged me to push myself to places I hadn’t been. I completed each workout to the best of my ability and was a better athlete at the end of the 5 weeks. 2014 proved to be an even better Open, and I was joined by more than 40 athletes at the box. Each year is another opportunity to improve. Another chance to get that skill that has been eluding you. Another year to set goals and crush them. How many will join me in 2015??


Don’t wait until next year, don’t wait until you have chest to bar pull ups or double unders. Don’t wait until “you’re ready”, because, honestly, is anyone ever “ready” for 7 minutes of burpees or an AMRAP that goes on forever?? Last year you said next year, and here it is. Show yourself what you’re made of.   You won’t regret registering, but you just might regret it if you don’t!

-Coach Kel

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