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Mom goals!!


Mom goals!!

If you ask Callie why she started at CrossFit Lake Mary she’d tell you, “Because I want to lose this baby weight”!

If you ask her if she did….well as you can see YES!

As a mom it’s important to be confident, set good eating and exercise habits and have enough energy to be able to take care of your kids.  Starting CrossFit and following a Paleo meal plan really helped Callie find a direction in which she could take herself for a lifetime

I asked Callie if she enjoyed the 6 week CrossFit challenge and she said YES and she aslo added that she had FUN!  She said she learned so much about a new way of living and was happy she tried it.  Most people are so afraid to start CrossFit because they don’t really think they can do it, but truth is EVERYONE really CAN and SHOULD!!

As you can see, Callie has made a huge difference in her appearance and her confidence has increased because of that.  She is a much happier and healthier mom and plans on keeping with this lifestyle!

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