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Not much to say…..


Not much to say…..

We asked this member to share her story after seeing her amazing pictures. It was funny because she didn’t think she had much to say until she started…I think this will inspire many of you and I am so happy she shared!

I signed up at CFLM and started Foundation classes on February 2013. It didn’t go well for me at that time. I had recently moved from out of state, was a new Pharmacy Manager at the busiest time of the year and spent too many hours working. Being a mom and wife I felt guilty of working so much, so any free time I had I wanted to spend it with my family. I would tell myself everyday I need to workout but I couldn’t make it work. I felt drained, tired and stressed and I would relieve all of it with candy. I have a very strong addiction to sugar and for months I couldn’t stop. The pounds started piling up, I got to the heaviest I have ever being… ever. In July I decided to commit to change, to fitness and health. I hadn’t exercised in months so I started with light exercise on my own, then I went back to CFLM and when I felt that I was sticking to the plan changed my membership to unlimited visits and never looked back. I feel that the coaches always take care of me, they keep me safe, correcting my form, helping me learn the movements, encouraging me to push myself. Also our community is so encouraging, I consider them true friends, we motivate each other, we keep it fun. I realized that I need to do this for me. Crossfit helps me in every aspect of life, relieve stress, gets me energized for my long shifts at work plus I’m stronger and fitter than ever before. I can now also better manage my sugar addiction. I never played sports, not even in school but I now consider myself a crossfit athlete. Thank you CFLM you have made my life so much better!!

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