New Year of PR’s!!! – CrossFit Lake Mary

New Year of PR’s!!!


New Year of PR’s!!!

Hey CFLM let’s get some PR’s in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year we are going to be putting in place a VERY cool idea thanks to Dana & Brian Hearn and Warrior Chip


The coaches will be handing out these chips as reward for your PR!  Please get with the coaches if you have a specific PR you would like to hit so we can help you.  Here are the details:

  • A coach MUST witness the PR
  • Only a coach can give you a chip

Collect them all year, at the end of the year turn in all your chips and the person with the MOST chips at the end of 2014 will get a FREE Month in 2015 and get a collector chip!

We really hope you can all hit your goals this year!!!! 3,2,1 GO!

Good Luck to you all,

Greg, Jen and the CFLM Team


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  1. Amy

    Okay, I’m sorry…I probably should know this. But, I am still unclear on where to document our PR Goals?? Should I just write them down and hand them to you? Are we writing them on a whiteboard at the box? Thanks in advance for the clarification!

    Also, Greg–
    REALISTICALLY…Me. The Open. Yes? No? Thoughts? Thanks.