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Real life Gains!!


Real life Gains!!

This is Danny, he has been with us at CrossFit Lake Mary for 3 months and is seeing some BIG changes in his game!  Check out what he has to say…


“I hope everyone is seeing the same kind of Gainz I have been experiencing. We have a great group of people and excellent coaches at CFLM. Only been in three months but my performance at the box and on the field are radically improved. I’ve trained athletically for a long time but since I added CrossFit to the mix it has not only become my primary workout but it has accelerated my growth as an athlete tremendously. Pretty amazing at my age. Thanks coaches for your tremendous energy and knowledge of your craft!”

CrossFit is not just a program to help you lose weight, but also a program that will help you in real life at everything you do!  It doesn’t matter if your an elite athlete, a doctor or stay at home mom.  This will help you get stronger, improve your energy levels, reduce stress and a whole lot more!  You don’t need to be in shape to start you just have to start!  Give us a call to set up your consultation today!