Safe Travels Ernesto!! – CrossFit Lake Mary

Safe Travels Ernesto!!


Safe Travels Ernesto!!

We are proud to share with CFLM that a member of our “Family” will be parting ways with us to courageously serve, honor and protect our country. Ernesto Rivera has enlisted with the US Navy and will begin his new journey in early December. We are honored to show our support for Ern and have placed a white “Care Box” at the Box to pack with love!  Please help us in filling  the box with essentials that will be necessary and greatly appreciated.  A variety of personal care items, books, snacks, candy and games would be awesome!  Even something as simple and heartfelt as a letter with some words of encouragement and thanks!!!!
One of Ern’s closest friends, Anthony Ballerino, has written a little something to share with all of us.  It really touches the heart of friendship and family:

“I have known Ern since we were in middle school.  We Played high school football together.  Our coaches instilled in us work ethic and to always better yourself everyday.  I have seen Ern try to climb the corporate ladder many times to no avail.  He has always talked about joining the military as his father & grandfather have both served in the armed forces.  After toying with the idea of the Navy for a couple years I began to push Ern towards the military since I have friends that serve & live quite well.  Ern finally decided that the Navy was what he should do since he has no real attachments here in Florida.  In my opinion Ern is making the best choice of his life.”

“To my brother, I wish you nothing but the best although I will miss having you around, I know that your life is about to change immensely for the best.  Give ’em hell!”



 Thank you Ernesto, for being such a wonderful part of our family!  You have touched many of us and we all wish you the very best!  Be safe and come home to visit often!  


Thank you Anthony Ballerino, and the CFLM Team for your help with this:)