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Sharing Your Personal Records


Sharing Your Personal Records

The “Personal Records” board, also known as the PR Board, is a great tool we use at CrossFit Lake Mary. The board is updated on a monthly basis and gives everyone a chance to see your progress and how you’re taking more steps in achieving your goals or potentially even surpassing them.  So, why share your PR’s you may ask? Doesn’t that seem a little cocky or arrogant? Here are a few reasons why the PR Board is so important.

Motivation – Not only is it motivating to yourself to have the opportunity to write a new number on the board with your name, it can also be motivating to others. When a friend from another class sees your name and your PR, it may motivate them to try and do the same.

Accountability – What if you’re not ever getting your name on the board? Are you working hard enough? Are you meeting with your coach to set up a game plan to make sure you are hitting PR’s and getting your name on that board??  You should be accountable to yourself and get your name on that board at least once a month! And if you’re not, ask your coaches for help!

Promotion – We all know you love CFLM and what better way to show off all your hard work and share it with the community?? It’s no secret that the PR Board is one of the first boards you see when you walk into the building.  How cool is it to show new/potential members a board full of new personal records that were set!

So get on that board!

Coach B explains the new PR Board last January.