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Stay The Course


Stay The Course

Do you ever catch yourself getting impatient as an athlete? Maybe you’re trying to hit a goal weight in a lift or maybe trying to shed those extra pounds that came on during the holidays? January 1st rolls around, and you’re all ready to go. You’ve got you new nano’s, new oly shoes, new supplements, new diet plan, updated your membership to unlimited and you’ve got your eyes on the prize. But then… July 1st comes around, The Open comes around, and you’re still lifting at the same numbers, you’re already pissed off about The Open (even though it hasn’t even started) and you’re going to the pool in a jump suit.


Why does this happen? Do we set ourselves up for failure because our expectations are too high? Are you genetics just not made for it? Is it just impossible???


The first thing we have to understand is the why. You need to take it very seriously and take full ownership of it. When the nano’s are not as pretty, the music volume isn’t as high, your workout buddy moves to North Carolina, and you’re all out of your favorite protein… WHY do you stop?


“But coach you don’t understand, I have (fill in the blank) that’s keeping me from my goals.” … You know what that “fill in the blank” is for?… EXCUSES. No body said it was going to be easy. But you have to understand you were MADE for this. Humans were made to work hard, to push themselves, to grow physically and mentally. If you want a new year, a new you, then you have to take 100% ownership EVERY day of EVERY action. You need to wake up every morning and look yourself in the mirror and decide what’s most important to you. A stronger, more fit, happier you… or the same crap you’ve been dealing with your whole life. You’ve got to renew that spark and fill up that gas tank not just in January, but every month there after.


You have to understand that it’s going to take TIME and WORK. Goals are not reached over night, and if they are, you’re not challenging yourself enough.  Quit making excuses. Put in the extra time and get something out of every day you’re alive. Set goals, set them high, and keep yourself accountable every minute of every day. When you stumble or make a bad choice, get back up and keep walking. You’re goals are too important to be put on the back burner.  Put in that extra work. Be patient. Some weeks you may feel like you’re sprinting towards the finish line and some weeks you may be crawling on your knees… but KEEP MOVING and STAY THE COURSE. Just because you take a wrong turn doesn’t mean you stop driving. Get back on the course and pick up where you left off.


Every morning when I wake up, my goal is on my bathroom mirror written with an Expo marker… “Stand on a podium in 2015” Every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed I see that goal. My suggestion to you is this: Write down your goal. Put it somewhere you will see it EVERY DAY.  Phone background, note in your car, your bathroom mirror. And read it out loud every day and think… AM I STAYING THE COURSE?

-Coach B