The Movement Fix Workshop comes to CFLM!! – CrossFit Lake Mary

The Movement Fix Workshop comes to CFLM!!


The Movement Fix Workshop comes to CFLM!!


When: Sunday, July 10th

Time: From 9am-5pm

Where: CrossFit Lake Mary 111 Commerce St Lake Mary, FL 32746


Taught by Ryan DeBell, M.S., D.C.

• A functional anatomy framework for human movement
• Why everyone HAS to squat differently and how to find your best squat stance
• How to create maximal spinal stiffness to set big PRs
• The 2 biggest mobility issues for overhead lifting and how to fix them
• Easily program movement, mobility, and motor control drills into your training
• How to find your hidden movement limitations in squatting, deadlifting, and overhead lifting
• How to train your core for maximal strength without risk of injury
• Whether or not stretching is worth your time
• 3 Reasons why you should focus more on motor control training
• Why ‘movement training’ can increase your PRs more than strength training
• And MUCH more

Attendees will leave with:
• The ability to assess and correct squatting, deadlifting, and overhead lifting based on known injury mechanisms
• 28 Target drills that can immediately be put into use
• An understanding of relative stiffness
• How to find an athlete’s best squat stance
• Programming ideas to integrate mobility, motor control, and strength work
• A systematic way to teaching abdominal stiffness and bracing
• Methods to decrease low back injury mechanisms in training
• An understanding of the mechanisms of ‘rolling out’ and ‘banded stretches’ and how and why to use them
• Rotator cuff endurance drills
• And MUCH more

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All prices are in USD

Early bird pricing ends 2 weeks before event.

Refund policy: Full refunds are allowed greater than 1 month in advance of the workshop date. No refunds will be given less than 1 month before the workshop.

We are going to have such a great time in less than 6 weeks!
Here is a video of a quick hip assessment for squatting, which we will cover in much more depth during the squatting module of the workshop.

Make sure to get signed up as soon as you can to get the early bird price and ensure your spot! We expect this to be a sold out workshop.