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Tiny Warrior

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About a year ago, I walk through the door of CrossFit Lake Mary and never looked back.  As many of us, I was tired of going to the gym and not seeing any results, feeling as though I was on my own to learn proper techniques, movements and form, and just wasting my money. I even worked with personal trainers.  The feeling of spending thousands of $$$ trying to improve my health and not see any changes were both frustrating and discouraging.  Also, I found that I was the only one trying to motivate myself to keep going.  There was no sort of accountability at these places.  It was come if you like and if you don’t we are still going to collect your money kind of mentality.  I know you can relate.  This sort of feeling, lead me to try different exercise studios but I just wasn’t feeling it.

CrossFit was next on my list.  My first introduction to CrossFit was through a dear friend of mine. I visited her in Miami while she was training for a CrossFit competition.  I watched her as she did a workout and I was instantly intrigued.  So when I got home, I searched for CrossFit boxes around my area. Boom! There was one in my neighborhood. CrossFit Lake Mary.  I called immediately and made an appointment.  The first person I met at CFLM was one of the owners, Jennifer Sheppard.  I had so many questions for her that I thought to myself, “this lady is going to wish I never walked through their door,” I was so wrong.  She took her time with me and gave me a tour of the place.  As, I looked around a feeling came over me of I HAVE TO TRY THIS.  I signed up for the foundations classes.  Jennifer Sheppard and Joan Fagan were my coaches.  Their energy helped me make the decision of signing up.  Also, I felt I owed it to myself to sign up and just give it a try.  After my foundations classes, I signed up for ONLY 4 months.  I can tell you that after my first week of being part of the regular classes I knew this was the place for me.  It was at this point that I felt I had to come up with the best plan for myself. You see I had over 40 lbs. to get rid of.  Being 5ft, yeah I’m kind of a shorty, and carrying an additional 40-50 lbs. around just wasn’t healthy.  Plus, I it got to the point that I did not recognize myself. Here is when everything changed for me.  I decided to reach out to Greg Sheppard, owner and coach at CFLM, via email.  In this email, I expressed how I felt and what I was willing to do to obtain my goal all I asked was for direction.  He immediately answered and set a one to one appointment with me.  It was that conversation that changed everything for me.  This man gave me clear directions and PROMISED me if I followed his advance I would see the results I wanted.
Here I am 8 months later weighing 35 pounds less and feeling stronger than I ever.   I even gained a warrior face.  Something switches in me during the 3,2,1 count down.  I go from this WOD is going to be tough and why did I come in today to lets get this done.  Sign up and you too will experience this fearless feeling! Everyone at CFLM from Jennifer, Joan, Bowman, Kellie, Nate and Paul have played an important part of my journey but Coach Greg has changed my prospective. A simple conversation with him has lead to a dedicated, focused and determined person. He is the epitome of what a GREAT coach is suppose to be.  He  gives it to you straight, will teach you all he knows and will keep you accountable.  I still have a ways to go and I know the better I get with all that is taught at CFLM the closer I am to my goal.

Here is the real deal of CFLM:

The coaches here are amazing! You are looking for a challenge? Here it is. You are looking for encouragement and support? You will find it here. You will be part of a community. You will never feel lost.   You have a question?  They will answer it.  You don’t feel comfortable with a movement? They will help you until you are. You have a goal? Speak to a coach and a plan will be form for you. You will meet professional, humble and give it to your straight kind of people.  You have a goal so do they. So they are here to work hard just like you.  Support all around is what you will get. High fives and good work from everyone. That is what you will hear. Don’t waste your time going to other places.  This is it!  NO LIE.  Hope to see you on the floor. I will be the shorty with the warrior face! But after the WOD..I will be the one with the big friendly smile giving you a high five and saying good job! Come join this family you will not regret it! -May 2014

**UPDATE 9/15/14**

I went to a biometric screening this morning. The results had me emotional in a good way. I am NO longer pre-diabetic!!! Infact look at those numbers above Last year, I a lot of my numbers were in the borderline or abnormal categories. My BMI was OBESE. These results are due to all I have accomplished at CFLM. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Keep changing people’s lives!!! You are all so awesome!