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We’ll see?


We’ll see?

Marc was hesitant to start CrossFit, but decided to give us a try.  He signed up for our 6 week challenge and here’s the outcome….

Marc said “Since I didn’t have too much weight to lose, I wasn’t expecting much. But things I did see are in the photos. Also (thanks to Fitbit) I lost around 3% body fat and my resting heart rate went from 60 to 53 BPM. We’ll see where another month takes me. BTW I’m vegan and went “pegan” the last 2 weeks of the challenge.”


He also left this review for us, “I’ll admit I was skeptical of Crossfit in general. Horror stories of injuries, uneducated “coaches” and the like kept me from even thinking about stepping in a box. Having a coaching and performance background myself furthered that skepticism (USAW).

Crossfit Lake Mary changed that. Constant coaching on form for skill levels in any class was impressive. Also having at least 2 coaches walking around coaching and not just standing in a corner. Also being able to ask specific questions on particular skills and coaches understand kinesiology and anatomy and can help based on individual athletes’ needs.

Overall a great spot to get started and go far with Crossfit. If you have your doubts, give them a try… They made a believer out of me.”

We are happy to now have Marc in our permanent CFLM Community!  What are you scared of?  Give it a try today!  We are here for you if your ready to make a change!

Email us at info@crossfitlakemary.com for more info on how to get started!!