What do I eat?? – CrossFit Lake Mary

What do I eat??


What do I eat??

Have you ever wondered what to eat pre workout?  

Well here is a little help!

You should still eat a balance of protein, fat, and carbs, with the carbs being the slow digesting choices. The reason for that is when you eat the fast digesting carbs (sugar found in most grains, fruits high on the glycemic index), your body secretes to much insulin, which facilitates the sugar in your blood for storage.
That’s not what you want.
This will leave you feeling tired before you even workout.
So eating the more complex sugars (vegetables), keeps insulin levels down and promotes your body to mobilize more sugar from your muscles into the blood stream, which is what we want.
Want more?  
Coach Jay will be at the box Saturday after class to explain this and more…….so stop on in, it’s FREE!!