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Why am I so Tired?


Why am I so Tired?

Why am I so Tired?

Do you find yourself getting really tired at the office, right around 2 or 3 o’clock and again at night?  This was me before I realized the cause.  Guess what it was?  My DIET!

Every day I would get up at about 5:30-6:00am and have a couple cups of coffee, watch some news and hop in the shower & get ready for work.  I was never a morning eater, so I would get into work at about 8:00am or so, grab another cup of coffee and sit down at my desk to start working….sound familiar yet?

Now it was noon and all I had eaten for the day was  a few M&M’s or gummy bears for the day so far and I was STARVING!  I would go out to grab something quick, usually fast food, or a sub, or sandwich, then get back to the office and sit back down again to work.

Then 3 o’clock rolls around!  I’m falling asleep at my desk, so I grab another cup of coffee and something sweet to snack on.  Am I starting to sound familiar?

WAIT there is more!  So 5:00pm comes around and I am off work…Whoo HOO!  I get home, relax and start making dinner.  I have something healthy, chicken, rice and a veggie.  Good job right?

BUT WAIT!  8:00pm comes and I am craving something sweet again!  So I reach for a few Oreos and watch some TV and call it a night.

Do you see the problem in my day?  Think about it…

I am constantly spiking my insulin/sugar with carbs and sweets and then crashing!!

I hear this all the time….I don’t have time to eat!!

I know lots of you say it (especially my nurses).  I get it trust me, but there are ways to avoid such highs and lows and long periods of “fasting”.

Keep following our blogs….we CAN help!

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