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Why Run?


Why Run?

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Why I Love Running…..

I didn’t always love to run.  If you ask my husband he will tell you about how in college I could barely run ½ a block without stopping.

Sound like you?

A few years later I was taking a boot camp class and was told I had to run outside of class to get points for a challenge we were doing.

So, I grudgingly ran, for one song and then walked for two songs.  Chanting “I hate running” the entire time.

I stuck with it and eventually was running more than walking, even if it was a slow jog.  But what I realized was that I was alone with myself while I was running, no kids no phone, no email.  It was the perfect way to recharge.  It didn’t matter if I was getting faster, improving my health or maybe even losing a pound or two.

The reason I love running is because for me it is the ultimate reset & recharge!


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