WOD Saturday 5/2/15 – CrossFit Lake Mary

WOD Saturday 5/2/15


WOD Saturday 5/2/15


Friday Night 5/22/15 WOD & Wine!! Ladies, please come on out & bring your friends! Starts at 7pm

CrossFit Lake Mary – WOD

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Metcon (Time)

Teams of 3

#1 does: Wod #1

500m – row

40 – air squats

30 – sit ups

20 – push ups

10 – pull ups

#2 holds 35lb kb in front rack

#3 holds 53lb kb in front rack

Once #1 finishes WOD1 they hold the 53lb kb and #2 moves to WOD1, #3 moves to 36lb kb and waits for there turn at WOD1. If anyone holding the kb drops from front rack, the member doing WOD1 must stop working and wait till all members are in front rack again.