WOD Thursday 1/30/14 – CrossFit Lake Mary

WOD Thursday 1/30/14


WOD Thursday 1/30/14

Main – WOD

WOD Monster WOD #3 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Snatch, Burpee, Balls”
15 Squat Snatch
With the remainder of 8 minutes (12 for teams), as many rounds and reps as possible of:
10 Over the Bar Burpees
15 Wall ball Shots

RX/Team 145/85, 20/14, 10’/9′
Scaled 95/65, 14/10, 10’/9′


Teams will have 30 Snatch reps which may be performed in any order by one, two or all team members.

Each snatch rep starts from the ground and must pass through a below parallel squat before being returned to the ground. A power snatch to overhead squat is acceptable.

For burpees, full hip extension is not required. The jump must be two foot start to two foot landing. No diving or hand landing is allowed.

Wall Ball is a below parallel squat, ending with the ball hitting the target.