/WOD Thursday 3/27/14 – CrossFit Lake Mary

/WOD Thursday 3/27/14


/WOD Thursday 3/27/14

Main – WOD

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Pendlay Row (5×5 Heavy Pendlay Row)

Weighted Pull-ups (5×5 Weighted Strict Pull-ups)

WOD Thursday 3/247/14 (AMRAP – Reps)

Against a 5 min Clock Complete:
80 Wall Balls 14/20

Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:
40 Clean and Jerks 95/135

Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:
1200 Meter Row

If you don’t finish the desired work in 5 min…cut your losses and move on to the next thing. If you finish before 5 Min, you can rest. No rest between efforts.

Courtesy of NCLab