WOD Wednesday 7/2/14 – CrossFit Lake Mary

WOD Wednesday 7/2/14


WOD Wednesday 7/2/14

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Clean Complex (6×3)

6 sets of:
3 Position Clean + Push Press
3 Position Clean + Push Jerk
3 Position Clean + Split Jerk
Start at 50% of your 1RM Clean, and work up from there.


The three positions are from the top down; 1 – High Hang (aka “Pockets), 2 – Above Knee, 3 – The Floor. After the clean from the floor do a push press. Then repeat the 3 pos clean and do a push jerk and then another 3 position clean plus a split jerk. This equals 1 set. Rest as needed and complete 5 more sets, climbing up in weight every set.