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CrossFit is NOT as scary as it looks..
Many people think CrossFit is ​too hard and scary…BUT here are a few facts that might make you think twice!
#1 It’s Scalable for every level and ability…what does that mean?  Check out this video from Coach Carl Paoli This is one example of scaling.  YOU WON’T BE LAST!  The coaches will work with you and modify everything to your level and ability!  So don’t worry you will finish with everyone else.
#2 There is always a coach there to help you unlike regular gyms where you’re on your own!  It’s kind of like having a personal trainer with you at every workout.  They are there to make sure you’re doing things right and not putting yourself in a position that could cause injury.
#3 It’s HARD!  Well, aren’t most exercise programs?  The key is consistency.  Don’t come in once a week and expect it to get easier.  You have to commit yourself, just like with any training program.
#4 You WILL get results…this was just one of the kind of messages we get every day “I just wanted to let you know that I had to buy new clothes so I actually have something to wear to work! I’ve gone from a 14 to a size 10/8. And I’m almost to the weight I was in high school, although I feel a lot better now than I did then”
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#5 It’s FUN!  Working out to music, in a group setting with people cheering you on is always better than listening to your headphones on a treadmill being stared at.  Plus the workouts are always different, so it never gets old!
#6 You will push yourself to achieve things you would never do on your own!  It’s true!  We have several clients that have achieved their first pull up, first double under, push up, 5K, first competition and the list goes on.   This is a video of one of our clients getting her first pull up

Who says girls can't do pull ups?? Great job Dana!!!

Posted by CrossFit Lake Mary on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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