Your not working out? – CrossFit Lake Mary

Your not working out?


Your not working out?

5+ reasons you should!!!

I’m sure there are many reasons you can come up with  to start working out.  Here are some of the most common..
1. You’ll have more energy & be less stressed out;
2. You’ll feel better about yourself naked;
3. Your self esteem will blow up!!;
4. You’re not getting any younger;
5. You want to get stronger & more toned.

Does this sound like your reasons??
Maybe you want to get better at other sports or join a sports team and increasing your endurance and strength would make you a better performer
You want to make someone jealous or prove to them you can

If this isn’t enough motivation for you…Maybe it’s time to stop thinking of reasons you should and start thinking of what will happen if you DON’T!!

1. You’ll gain excess pounds
2. You’ll always feel tired & stressed out
3. You’ll have low self-esteem
4. You’ll start having health issues
5. Your job & Family life might suffer
6. You won’t make the team
7. You’ll have to Live in unshapely, loose clothes.
8. You will always be envious of the “fit crowd”!

So….. shouldn’t you ask yourself why your not working out??