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Getting Enough Sleep Promotes Better Diet Results

As many of you know, lack of sleep and obesity have been shown to be connected. It’s nothing new to you. However, here are some interesting facts found in an article published in 2012 that provide information as to why they are linked.
To start, lack of sleep causes a deficiency within your body to produce leptin (appetite suppressant hormone) and increases its production ghrelin (appetite-boosting hormone). The added intake of food with little sleep allows for your body to store it as fat since the added intake is not being used by your body at that moment.
The research in the article took 2 groups and had them take a 2-week stay in a lab where 1 group was given 5.5 hours of sleep, the other given 8.5 hours of sleep. When all was said and done, the researchers found that the group that got 3 hours less sleep per night increased body fat percentage and decreased lean body mass.
In short, if you’d like to see improved body compostion and loss of FAT, you NEED to get a good nights sleep. If you need some guidance on how you can get more sleep and sleep better at night, stay tuned for more CrossFit Lake Mary Blogs and/or get with one of the coaches at the box and set up private sessions on how to further improve your health through sleep, nutrition, and stess management.

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